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Welcome to our newest home here on the web.    We are the International Missionaries for Christ and we welcome you to join with us as we reach the poor, oppressed and displaced peoples of Africa.    Currently our offices are located in Uganda and Kenya, with another office in Hiram, Georgia, but the Gospel is constantly spreading so we are constantly growing and finding new places to be.  God is blessing His ministry in East Central Africa, and we will use this site to keep you informed of the exciting, interesting, unusual, sometimes sad, but awe-inspiring stories from out of Africa.    

At the IMFC we do two things:

1) Provide opportunities for people to better themselves, their family, and their community.    We do this through something called the Manna Program.   You can find more information on this at this web location

2) Create disciples of Christ who make disciples.   Our website will also give you plenty of information on how this is done also.   

Many pastors in the USA use our ministry as a disciple making bootcamp for their church members and for new Christians.    Another pastor uses us as his new staff member training.   A denominational leader, David Suddath told me that, "The IMFC is the biggest mission that no one knows about."   Well it's my job to change all that, so to begin with please enjoy and celebrate with us this year end report from 2017.

At the end of December, 2017, the main office for IMFC Uganda reported 9,120 leaders in our network of workers across Northern and Central Uganda.   These leaders reported that  
  • 71,630 people prayed to receive Christ as their Lord and Savior after hearing the Gospel message,
  • 15,809 people were baptized as followers of Jesus Christ, and
  • 11,632 house churches existed at the end of 2017.
  • 117,743 Bible Way discipleship books were distributed to people in this network of IMFC leaders in Northern and Central Uganda, and
  • 86,770 examination booklets from these 117,743 Bible Way books were completed, returned and achieved a passing grade.
These numbers are for Uganda only. Kenya has seen many thousands of people pray to receive Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior in 2017, and over 90,000 Bible Way books have been printed in Kenya and distributed. I am grateful, humbled and challenged.  But, these numbers above only tell a part of the story. They do not reflect the thousands of people blessed through the humanitarian efforts of IMFC. Here is a snapshot of some of the needs based projects we were able to do beyond sharing the Gospel, training leaders, giving Bible Way books and Bibles, and starting house churches.

In Uganda
  • Approximately 340,000 pounds of food and 790 gallons of cooking oil were given to the poor in the slums and to refugees in Uganda through Manna Ministry.
  • 1,200 Maama kits given to expectant moms in the slums of Kampala.
  • 12 re-usable sanitation pad workshops were conducted around Kampala with over 300 women trained and given a fabric, buttons, thread, pens, scissors and paper for patterns to make their pads and teach someone else.
  • The Maroons Netball Team from Luzira Prison was sponsored for play in their league.
  • 40 wooden sitting benches were built in the Prison Training School for the common area where instructors and students can sit.
  • 40 wall clocks were provided for the Prison Training School classrooms.
  • 30 Mattresses with plywood support were given to Kasangati Prison for the Women’s Prison.
  • More than 3,000 bars of soap, over 2,000 female sanitation pads and numerous ink pens, chalk and other supplies given to the inmates in addition to the Bible Way books.
In Kenya
  • 56,223 pounds of corn maize, and
  • 1,460 gallons of cooking oil were purchased and distributed to
  • 6,389 families across Kenya representing almost 45,000 people after the riots following the Presidential elections in August. These people were identified by the house church leaders in Kenya as their people suffered in the violence.
2017 was a good year for IMFC in Uganda and Kenya, but the work is only beginning. Pray for us as we move into 2018.

Continue to watch this page for stories straight out of Africa.   Pray for the peoples of Africa, and consider going with us to share with others that need to hear what Christ has done for you.    You can find out information about the IMFC at   We are on currently on instagram at @jwbarry.    You can find us on Facebook @imfcafrica.   For more information about journeying with us to Africa please contact, Jimmy Barry or me Steve DuVall.


The IMFC Team

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